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Thursday, September 25th, 2003
7:00 pm - how could i forget your touch, your warm embrace?
"i love you funny face!" <<-- cutest text message ever! courtesy of the bf. i love my jeff-a.

sooo it's been quite a while since i updated this. it's kind of a shame. i guess. school is hella lame. sarah and i are no longer friends. i spend all my time with john, ashley, corey and the boyfriend...jeff. i want him now. i mean, no. yeah. we're going to corey's beach house tomorrow night for the weekend. ohh i cannot wait. the week we spent there over the summer was freakin awesome. i don't really have much to say at the moment...scratch that, i've got lots to say but don't feel like it right now. it'll all come out eventually.

sincerely me.

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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
7:14 pm - hahaha
im punk. yeah!
youre a real punk. go you.

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Friday, May 30th, 2003
4:19 pm - it's not that complicated, i'm just missunderstood
You're the pimp, Ian Grushka. You hate tomatoes
but love your Steve doll, and who the hell
cares who Blanco Meow is anyway??

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current mood: loved

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003
5:40 pm - bow down daisy duke
01 : heights
02 : failure
03 : commitment
01 : ashley
02 : zac hanson
03 : jayc and fa
01 : my friends
02 : music
03 : my cell phone
01 : 50 cent
02 : annoying people
03 : seafood
01 : sarah
02 : math
03 : why life is so unfair
01 : cds
02 : film
03 : cell phone
01 : typing this
02 : listening to coldplay
03 : watching the clock cause i gotta go soon
01 : fall in love
02 : have a successful career
03 : meet those people who inspire me the most
01 : play the guitar
02 : get myself groped by semi famous rock stars
03 : my own laundry!
01 : shy at times
02 : humorous
03 : sarcastic
01 : short, brownish/reddish/blondish hair
02 : small
03 : goofy
01 : homework
02 : public performances of any kind
03 : say "no" to certain people
01 : hanson
02 : rooney
03 : your mom
01 : justin timberlake
02 : cold
03 : 50 cent
01 : fully
02 : sure
03 : ooh
01 : cheese
02 : krispy kreme glazed donuts
03 : ramen noodles
01 : better songs on the guitar
02 : to parallel park
03 : to cook
01 : water
02 : chocolate milk
03 : that's really it
01 : saved by the bell
02 : beverly hills, 90210
03 : jem and the holograms

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Sunday, May 18th, 2003
4:36 pm - yeah, that's right.
BILLY! Flipping the bird
Hey! You're gonna F*ck Billy! The Sexy Guitar God,
who we have yet to hear sing.

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when will there be a real entry?? your guess is as good as mine...but there's really no point because no one reads this anyway.

peace. e-bomb.

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
10:33 pm
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(but do you know what stars are?)

Wednesday, April 30th, 2003
8:30 pm - let me show you a good time

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fully. that reminds me...i wanna get some ass this weekend. hah. i hope i don't get my period though...it's supposed to come soon but i'm not sure when. friday we are most likely going up to west chester. maia wants to chill and get trashed so i asked if she wanted to come cause we needed a ride anyway so she said she would. it should be pretty sweet if we can actually go and the guys [mainly timmy and jovi] are there. we went up after the prom on saturday and chilled there for a while. there weren't many people there though it was just people sitting around drinking. sarah hooked up with this guy jeff even though she didn't really want to and her money got stolen again. we're pretty pissed about that cause we know who it was. lea and i each gave her $10 cause she is insanely broke...we are too but we felt terrible. the guys were telling me how i was brought up at one of the house meetings. haha. i feel really special. they were discussing how i brought john ryan miekeljon and timmy together that night...basically fossil sucked tim's dick. haha. they were talking about it and i was all "yeah that was me!" it was great. it seems like were infamous as fossil's friends...which i find humorous.

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paul really needs to stop calling me and asking me to hang out...you'd think he would get the hint by now but no. he keeps calling asking me to go to the movies even after i tell him i'm busy.

i've got so much more to talk about -- prom, adrian, jeff and john -- but i don't have the time right now. later, i promise.

sincerely e.

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003
5:16 pm - think i sound crazy? maybe, whatever
dude. this is so not kosh. 7th period john was telling me how paul's goal is to ask me out by friday. i really don't want to shoot the kid down or anything but i don't like him like that at all. then shortly after i got home jeff called me and i said he wanted to ask me something which made me kind of nervous. then he told me how john really likes me but is really confused. he said he was only calling because john was bitching like a girl about it...it wasn't one of those call her and find out what she thinks things. he said that john sometimes gets vibes and sometimes he doesn't. jeff asked me how i felt and i told him that i love john, but really only think of him as a friend. jeff said it was kosh but i could tell he was disappointed. then not too long after that paul called my cell phone. i don't know how he got the number though. he wanted to know if me, sarah and john wanted to come over and watch the flyers game tonight. i told him i couldn't and sarah was working and is probably already doing something. so both john and paul like me and i have to be a bitch and not like either of them back. but guess who i do like...jeff. yes, i'm developing a crush on f-a. i feel terrible about it cause sarah really likes him and they are like dating or whatever. every night over break she would call him and i would call john and we would all talk. sarah kept telling me that i should go out with john but for some reason i just don't want to. i love him and he's great but i don't see him as someone i would want to go out with. she said that by the end of spring break he was going to be in love with me. ha. sarah actually asked me once if i liked jeff. i, of course, told her no because if i had told her the complete truth it could have created a real big problem so i told her the partial truth. i explained to her that i knew jeff was off limits before i even met him because she liked him and i would never purposely hurt her like that...atleast i'd like to think that, i'm restraining myself.

anyway...spring break was fun. we behaved ourselves which is good...i guess. i'll have to go into detail another time because i've got a lot of language arts homework to do. tomorrow is the choir trip to new york so i won't be able to do any of it at night.

peace out.

-- e-bomb

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Saturday, April 12th, 2003
1:40 pm - i don't wanna hear you bitch no more
well i'll try and make this as short as possible cause i don't have a whole lot of time before i leave for the airport. i'm so excited. i can't wait to get to arizona. this past week has been crazy with all this prom stuff....i'm glad it's finally over. i had so much fun last night. it was great. everyone looked beautiful and there was no real drama at all. afterwords we dropped ashley and sal off at her house so they could have their little slumber party and then sarah, jeff, john, adrian, jenna, lea, paul and i all went back to sarah's. lea took paul and jenna home cause adrian's step mom is apparently a bit of a bitch so she wanted to pick him up. we chilled together cause we're tight like that. he told me that i was on his compatibility list thing from a few weeks ago...i'm second. haha. that's not surprising at all really. by 1 it was just sarah, jeff, john and i. john and sarah kept falling asleep so me, jeff and matt's [sarah's brother] friends, jason and jimmy, who were sleeping over just stayed up, watched tv and ate. jason and jimmy finally went to sleep so me and jeff just talked and hung out. it was real cool. he's awesome. sarah was in and out of sleep so she would wake up, say something and go back to sleep. at like 4:30 the four of us went to krispy kreme and got a dozen donuts. then about an hour later john wanted more glaze so the three of us went back with sarah sleep and we got him $5 worth of glazed donuts. it was a good time. john and jeff both had yu-gi-oh shirts on underneath there tuxes so of course made fun of them both all night for that and many other things. jeff said he would get me one though. haha. earlier today when i talked to her she was like "hopefully jeff will get to know me and want to go out with me or something" cause she wants on him real bad. i was like "well if you had stayed awake last night you could have done that" cause that's exactly what we did. haha. i think she might be a bit mad or jealous or something cause of it but me and jeff didn't do anything...we just hung out. i'll admit that last night i was thinking about how great he is and all that but he's totally off limits...which is fine. i wouldn't do that to her. while we're away, sarah and i are supposed to call them and send post cards...we're planning on it. i'm also going to get ashley a shirt. brian said he would call me over break which is cool except i'm not going to be around. i told him to call anyway just so we can talk. ashley said the funniest thing to me yesterday...apparently ross thought i was like stalking him. hah. oh man. she was telling me how sal made him feel really bad by saying that i was going to pay $130 for jon's tux just so i could go with him instead and that i was really upset that he couldn't go and all that. then she said that he thought i was stalking him cause we went to nifty fifties two weeks in a row. we really went just to see nifty joe although i did kinda want to see ross but that's not why we went at all. it's funny cause when i asked him about the prom i said something along the lines of "i know it's going to seem like i'm stalking you but i'm really not..." and then i explained to him how i didn't want to go with jon and ashley talked to sal about getting one of his friends to go and he came up but sal forgot to ask him...he seemed really cool about it when i asked him though but whatever...it's pretty funny. i love ashley to death. i really do. earlier in the week she wrote me a note about all this stuff that i won't get into right now and i appreciate her honest so much. it made me so happy to know how much she cares about me. i resent that we won't be able to hang out over break but i'm pretty sure we will very soon after.

well i think i must be going now...i shall return on monday, hopefully with good stories.

sincerely me.

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
5:23 pm
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a real entry is coming once i get all my other shit done.

(but do you know what stars are?)

Friday, April 4th, 2003
6:48 pm - and then you put your arms around me and we tumble to the ground
uh oh. i have to take my SATs tomorrow morning and we need id...mine is in west chester. i've tried to locate my old ones but i can't find them anywhere. i just talked to sarah and she's gonna call fossil and see if it would be possible for him to get it and then we can go up there to pick it up from him. hopefully that will work...if not i'm screwed.

so sarah and i got called out of school and went out for breakfast and then up to the springfield mall. i got these green floods and sheer red shirt from wet seal and an orange thermal beanie from american eagle. we're gonna do some more shopping this weekend cause i still want to get more stuff for arizona...tops, a pair of jeans, flip flops, sunglasses, bathing suit and maybe a belt, bag and a light hoodie. haha.

tonight is going to be a chill night. we'll probably go to the pool hall and then lanarch with will. hopefully we can swing by west chester first so i can get my id. oh boy.

sincerely me.

current mood: distressed

(but do you know what stars are?)

Thursday, April 3rd, 2003
8:13 pm - i'm jaded, i hate it
what a day. i spent all last night crying so my eyes were all puffy then as soon as i saw ashley this morning before pssas she hugged me and i started crying. so i sat in her homeroom with a whole bunch of people trying to think of every possible person i could take besides jon...grace suggested adam and alyssa suggested nat. haha. i was really considering them too. then i had to take the first part of the test and i ended up crying during some of it. after that was done and we could all leave for our break ashley and grace came and got me and said that they had good news. apparently john feels so bad that he was willing to not go with laura and take me. we all talked during the break and i decided i would try and get a hold of adam and then talk to john tonight. so all day i've been pretty much freaking out over all this. i just called john a little while ago and told him that if he was still willing to take me that i would go. he said he would love too. this is really like the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. i can't believe it. i'm really happy that i have a date and don't have to go with jon but i didn't want this to happen. i was just getting really excited about going with ross and now he can't go. i'm going with john and i know it's going to be fun but i'm still upset about the situation. tomorrow is officially erica and sarah's no more pssa and prom drama mental health day...we're taking off from school and going out for the day. we're probably gonna hit up the springfield mall. it'll be good. i have to talk to mel to tell her i have her we got our tickets and i have her invite and i have to talk to ash to tell her her what else is goin on. yeah so i'm now going with john, sarah is going to tell jon that because of all the drama we aren't even going to prom anymore, haha, but yet i'm still upset. oh well.

sincerely me.

current mood: thankful

(but do you know what stars are?)

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003
8:24 pm
ross can't afford his tux. karma's a fucking bitch.

i don't think i really need to say anymore than that. i'm gonna go cry some more.

current mood: crushed

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4:24 pm - maybe someday

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
8:51 pm - you can try to resist
wow. i love my dad. he took a thousand dollars out of my college fund to pay for all the prom and arizona crap along with my credit card. now i only owe myself...he said i have till the end of the summer to make it back. i feel a lot better now. but sarah is saying that she doesn't want to go anymore. she likes jeff and he just wants to be "buddies" and hook up so she's upset. i don't understand why things have to be like this for us...why do we create so much drama?!?!? it's ironic how my dad said my credit card is paid off and the first thing i think of is how i can use it to buy myself clothes. ha. friday i'm hoping me, sarah and lea can hit up like value city, marshall's and old navy or something to get some cheap clothes cause we all really want to get new clothes for spring break. sunday we have sats. after that sarah, ashley and i are going to get some food, tan, get our eyebrows waxed and look for purses and garters at the mall. i'm not sure what's up for saturday night though...i wanna party.

peace out.

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6:21 pm - there is nothing better than to talk to you...
i'm so upset right now...everything just sucks. i went to bre's at 4:30 so chelsea could alter my dress. she had to go out and was supposed to only be out for a few minutes but she didn't get back until 5:30. i put on my dress and she was looking at it and realized that because of the lining, she would end up messing up the dress if she tried to do anything to it. everyone at their house was telling me to just get a water bra or put pads in it but i refuse to do that. so my mom and i are going to have to find some place to alter it really fast. on the way inside after she picked me up she was like "we'll just have to call around and find a place to get it done" and i said something about how we had to do it like tomorrow and she was like "i know" and got all pissy which made me all pissy. so now i'm home and just talked to sarah...she talked to jon and i'm not entirely sure what she said to him, i think just that i most likely will go with ross. i don't think she mentioned that i'm offering to pay for his tux cause it's my fault. he wanted to know if i would still go to his prom though and i will as long as he wants me to...even though i would actually kind of rather not go. sarah said that their plan is to go for like an hour while dennis and sarah chill in the limo or something and then we'll all go to the beach. i know that jon is going to want to at least hook up and i don't even want to do that. they are definitely going to be drinking which means that if i get really trashed anything is possible...i can see it now. i have to talk to sarah about this cause i don't know how she feels. i also don't even know if my parents will let me go to the beach. i owe them so much...$400 for the plane ticket and mostly $130 for jon's damn tux along with all tickets, hair, make up, nails and all the other prom stuff. i know i have to give them back the $400 and $130 but i don't know about all the rest. prom tickets go on sale tomorrow so ashley, sarah and bre are going to get all our tickets so we can sit together. our table is going to be me and ross, ashley and sal, sarah and jeff, brianna and yung, john and laura. it should be fun. ashley said she would talk to sal about ross cause i kind of have to to talk to him at some point.

the new rumor is that island dropped hanson...i though island sucked but i don't know what hanson could do. they're like ready to release an album and everything but can't. it sucks. i hope it's not true but if it is i hope everything works out for the better.

oh and i got my period the other day...yeah...

sincerely me.

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Monday, March 31st, 2003
4:01 pm - my friends tell me something has come over me and i think i know what it is
one night stand dan

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well that's cute. we had pssa's today and i was still slightly hung over. haha. i told ash this morning about ross and she was really happy but then i told her about jon and she was like "oh well, go with ross." haha. so i'm going with ross i just have to straighten things out with jon. sarah said that dennis will go without jon but still she doesn't want to go with dennis anyway. jeff, john lynch's best friend who sarah has already hooked up with will go so i think she'll end up going with him. sarah and i are going to go to the mall soon. we want some new clothes for arizona and is till have to get a purse and garter for prom...oh and i'm gonna try and find some nice flip flops to wear too. my shoes aren't that high, maybe two inches or so but ross isn't that much taller than me which i kind of forgot until ashley brought it up. tina told me to get a garter for her garter picture and apparently there's also a garter dance that people were talking about in social studies today. nobody's really sure what it is but ashley and i decided we're gonna do it anyway. we didn't really do much in school cause of pssa's. we had a sub again in guitar...this one was all about having us practice too even though we didn't know what to do. so we all kind of pretended to do stuff and dan and kyle called mike over to play something with them and after like a minute i went over cause mike is my partner. it's real sad how he's the only person in that class i can talk to. dan talks to him sometimes so that kind of gives me an excuse to talk to him. haha. i dunno what else to say...so i'm gonna go. peace out.

-- E

(but do you know what stars are?)

Sunday, March 30th, 2003
5:18 pm - drunk girl
i've had the most insanely random weekend ever...it was great. i was drunk for like three days straight and hooked up with eight people. i'm not really sure where to begin...

thursday night sarah talked to fossil [john ryan michaeljon] and he wanted us to come up to west chester and go to his frat party...he calls like every weekend and we never go because there's no way of getting there or getting home. so he borrowed someone's car and him and his friend jovi [his real name is brett he just looks like jon bon jovi] picked us up. sarah and i got really trashed playing quarters. we were sitting up in this kid robs room with a bunch of people...sarah and i really sucked at this game and the guys purposely got the quarters in our cups so we could get even more drunk. haha. i was like all about this guy tim...or as i called him, timmy, who looks like pierre from simple plan. haha. i kept on telling him that and he told me that he met him and i like freaked out. one time he said some about something corporate and i freaked out again. haha. at some point sarah and i went to the bathroom, we always go together when we are at random places, and we hooked up which is really funny. on the way up there sarah was telling fossil and jovi that we don't hook up and all that stuff and jovi told us that we would tonight. i think we then went back into robs room and hooked up for everyone in there. haha. i sat on timmy's lap while we played quarters and eventually everyone left the room and we hooked up for a while. he asked me when i was going to be 18 and i told him august and he was like "well i'm only 19 so it's okay." i'm not sure if he was lying or not though...i don't think he was. then everyone congregated back in robs room and i layed on his bed and watched a bunch of people get high. not long after that sarah and i ended up in some other guys room giving massages. i was giving one to some guy named justin who was really hot and then he gave me one and we hooked up. then we went to some room downstairs and he wanted me to give him head. i didn't really want to cause i don't give head but i was trashed. i didn't really know what i was doing though. haha. people kept on knocking on the door and i opened it once and i forget who it was but then i think timmy came over and was like "what the fuck." then i went back to justin and timmy came in a again and justin was like whatever and we stopped and i like jumped timmy. it was so weird. he wasn't like mad but he didn't want me to kiss him. haha. then i had to pee so sarah and i went into the bathroom and i was like "timmy hates me" and me and sarah hooked up again. then timmy came in and sarah left. i kept trying to kiss him but he wouldn't let me. then i started to give him head and we moved upstairs to that bathroom cause every other room was taken. i think i told him i wanted to have sex but he was like "no, we can't" and i kept on asking him why and we would just say that we couldn't. one time i was like "because you have girlfriend" cause he was talking to someone on his phone before and i sounded like he was talking to a girl, said he didn't have one though. so i just gave him head. i'm not entirely sure what went on after that but i think sarah and i just left with fossil cause we were staying in his room. we ended up doing a little three way kissing thing until his roommate and justin came in. justin apparently goes to another school and was just visiting. sarah and i were going to sleep on the couch together but fossil pulled me into his bed. we fooled around for a while even though i just wanted to sleep. i kept on waking up though cause i was cold and uncomfortable. he took us home the next morning but we had to walk around campus cause he had to get a car, stop by one of his classes and we had to find my hoodie in the frat house cause i left it in that guys room where we were giving massages and we couldn't get it the night before. sarah and i kept asking fossil if everyone hated us cause we're sluts. he said they though we were very nice girls...we decided we were overly friendly. haha

saturday afternoon i went over to ashley's and we went to the tanning salon and then to friendley's. sarah, lea and i went to john lynch's and we got really trashed again. i hooked up with john, his best friend tom, sarah and lea. sarah, lea, john and me attempted a quadruple kiss but it didn't work very well. later sarah and i locked ourselves in the bathroom and had lesbian sex. haha. i talked to fossil on the phone and he said we should come up there cause they were having a huge mardi gras party. we had been informed earlier that there were a few people there that didn't want us to go and depending on who was at the door we might not be allowed in which is why we decided not to go. so john and i chilled on his couch and talked while we watched tv and sarah slept. lea had to work saturday so she had to go home but since sarah was already asleep we decided i would stay there with her. so i slept in john's bed and took all the covers and his pillow. haha. tom had to get up at 7:30 cause he had to go to work so we all ended up waking up then too. we watched cartoons and made breakfast. at around 11 sarah's mom picked us up and we went back to her house to take showers. around 1 we went to ashley's and hung out. we walked to friendley's and stole a cup. haha. it was raining when we went to leave so we had to walk home in the rain. we stopped at the kmart so ashley could pick up her check and sarah wanted a hat or umbrella to protect her hair. she got some random hat for a dollar. haha. then we walked/ran home in the rain. we were soaked. my mom picked us up and ashley took the trolley up to sal's. she said she would call us because we were supposed to hang out with them and sal's friends. sarah and i sat in my room watching mtv spring break for four hours waiting for her to call. we didn't have sal's number and couldn't find it anywhere cause we couldn't spell it and it was unlisted anyway. she finally called around 8 and of course nothing was going on. so lea picked us up at 9 and we went to nifty fifties to see nifty joe. we were still really out of it. we sat at the counter and him and ross came over. ross started talking to me and then i remember the prom thing. i explained to him what was going on cause sal kept forgetting. ross was like "yeah i'll go" and was really cool about it. later we found out that joe had a girlfriend that he forgot to mention. sarah wasn't too happy about that so now she doesn't to go with him. it was drama. i have to call ashley to tell her and i have to get ross' number or something so we can talk about this. bre and chels were supposed to meet us ther but by the time they got there we were ready to leave. someone sarah knew was having party or something and wanted us to come but her and lea didn't want chelsea and brianna to come with us. we were supposed to meet them at the mall at like 11 or something so sarah told them to go home and we would call them when we were leaving and we went to john's again. i don't know what happened but bre kept calling us and i guess didn't get to the "go home and we'll call you at 11" thing cause she left messages saying that she was sick of driving around looking for us. sarah got really really drunk at john's and then we went to meet up with evan and those other people. we met them at wawa and then drove to someone's cousin's house. it was real beat so i didn't even want to drink. sarah made a complete ass out of herself. jon called sarah's phone and she told him to call mine so did and since i was slightly intoxicated i told him that i had asked a friend of mine to go the prom with me a few months ago and we were going to go together but then he was going away for spring break and would be able to go but now he can and i really want to go with him. he was like "ok that fine except i've already rented a non refundable tux for that day that's $130." yeah so right now i have two prom dates and i'm pretty fucking screwed. sarah's mad cause dennis won't go with out jon and she doesn't know who else to take so there is still so much drama. we don't want to go with dennis and john but we're having a hard time getting out of it. fossil called sarah too and wanted us to come up so lea talked to him and told him about sarah and we said that if she passed out he might just drop her off at her house and come up...which is what we did. but by that time the party was like over so he told us we could just hang out in his room. so lea, fossil and i watched "road trip" and chilled in his room. i was falling asleep on his couch and him and lea were hooking up in his bed. haha. fossil's a little slut. we really wanted to sleep so we set my phone alarm for 7:30 even though we both should have been home a lot earlier. we left around 7:45 and once i got home i slept until 4 in the afternoon. i feel pretty shitty physically and emotionally.

sincerely me.

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Thursday, March 27th, 2003
5:15 pm - whoa obsessed.
DAN FLANNERY IS THE CUTEST SOPHOMORE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really, he is.

yeah besides that...i just my permit renewed. oh yeah. this morning when i talked to ashley she was like "what do you think of ross" and i told her i liked him and she said that the only people sal thought would want to go to the prom were tyler and ross. so hopefully he can hook that up cause it would be great. sarah called me and said that nifty joe said he would go with her but it would be weird cause he didn't know anyone...he said his friend shane would be willing to go so if ross can't i guess i'll go with him. but if ross can it would be like perfect because he's friends with both joe and sal. tonight i'm pretty sure sarah and i are going hang out with nifty joe after she gets home from work. no school tomorrow which rocks. i still really want to go to king of prussia so i'm trying to get my mom to take us up there tomorrow from like 12-3 cause sarah has to work at 4. then friday night we were planning on going to nifty fifties but if we go tonight i don't know. saturday night we're hanging out with ash, sal and some ud boys. we'll probably go tanning in the morning or something. we'll see what happens this weekend.

oh i forgot to mention how dan [marple dan]and i are talking like every night now. haha.
Jerica54 (9:18:39 PM): we're terrible people...haha...we tried to get rid of them and go find some new mints aka hot guys but they wouldn't leave...coulda called you but you're too far away and i don't have your number anyway
Jerica54 (9:18:40 PM): haha
SEALs379 (9:19:22 PM): i know...
SEALs379 (9:19:28 PM): ill have to give it to you for the summer
Jerica54 (9:19:47 PM): are you comin back for summer??
SEALs379 (9:20:05 PM): yup
Jerica54 (9:20:09 PM): sweet
that's from sunday night...he also told me not to worry about the prom thing and do what i want since it's my prom. all the guys say stuff like that and girls over analyze everything and make me feel shitty for not wanting to go with jon anymore. that is the drama that is my life.

sincerely me.

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
9:30 pm - don't you ever wish you were someone else?
ahh i've finally got everything done! no more essays or stupid projects...marking period ends tomorrow. i'm gonna fail language arts but i guess i'll just have to really try next marking period because i have to pass! everything else is fine though.

wow lot's of stuff has gone down since friday night. umm...first jon and dennis invited themselves to hang out with us friday night cause we couldn't to go upper darby. sarah told them multiple times not to come but they wouldn't listen. it was a bust. they came over and then lea and alyssa did. we finally decided to go to pinocchio's to get some food and we met werndell and andrew there then they went to the movies. we all then fought about what to do cause the guys just wanted to get some and sarah, alyssa and i wanted to go find new guys. haha. they didn't seem to happy when they left. haha. sucks for them.

saturday night they apparently went to mike's with some girls. that's cool and all...we just don't wanna hear about it. i'm kind of curious to know what happened though. haha. saturday night we made an appearance at the coffee club so sarah could meet tom...his jock isn't good enough though. haha. after that sarah, lea and i went to nifty fifties and made asses out of ourselves. ooh it was so much fun. we were coloring on the placemats and sarah hit on the waiter. she exchanged numbers with nifty joe, harrassed nifty ian about whether or not nifty joe was going to call at one when he got off at one and i totally checked out nifty andrew ross [remember him from vday??] whenever possible while also trying to avoid making eye contact or anything cause i didn't know what to say. he was walking by on our way out so i was like "heeeyyyy" cause i'm cool like that. steve and rory corey david showed up and were assholes...rory made a scene...suprise suprise. after we paid out check we sat there for like a half an hour cause we had nowhere to go. we finally ened up going to mason's. we sat there for like a half an hour and watched lee and some girl play pool. it was beat but we had to wait for nifty joe to get off work so we could hang out with him. when we went to leave mason's we found out that some had totaled the back off her car and just left. about ten minutes before we heard something that sounded like a car hitting something but we couldn't see anything from the window. lea being lea, of course was like "that would just make my night if it was my car trhey hit." we go outside ten minutes later and we're wondering why her car was so close to car infront of her...then we saw all the glass and how the back windshield and windows were gone, her taillight was completely gone and her rear view mirror was now next to the gas pedal. it was insane. she had to call the police and he came and wrote an accident report. she had to lie about where she was though because mason's dad didn't want to deal with the cops and they had all been drinking and were underage. it was bad. lee drove us all home cause lea didn't want5 to drive even though the cop said she could. nifty joe ended up calling sarah at like 1:30 but she had fallen asleep.

sunday i had to re-certify for cpr which was pretty beat. then sarah and her mom came over so we could finalize our spring break plans...sarah and i are going to arizona for eight days!!!!!! we're going to stay with her grandmom...it's gonna be great. our flight is on the 12th at like 6 something and we come back early on the 20th. sarah and i also decided that we don't really want to take jon and dennis to the prom...we don't really want to associate with them anymore. so if we can find new dates we are going to ditch them. ashley said that she'll try to hook something up this weekend. i'm not sure if jon will still want to take me to his but i don't really care...he can take whoever he wants. i just think it'll suck if like sarah can't go and it's basically just me, jon, mike and those girls who probably hate me.

monday sarah came over and we started our chem project which is due tomorrow. i was talking to matty p online and she got in on it cause she was interested. haha. they talked on the phone later too. last night he stopped by so they could meet. we chilled outside then he took sarah home. he ended up watching the flyer' game with her and they hooked up. she's pretty happy about it. haha. it's really random but i'm cool with it.

i guess that's it for now.


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